Tool Vendor Selection

From RFI to RFP, neutral and fast!

For you we are constantly scanning the market, to stay on top of new products, ideas and methods that can help to increase your sales. This means we have a pretty solid understanding what’s out there and what makes sense and provides results, so we could simply tell you. But if you want to or are obliged to go through an RFP, we are there to help with templates, data and else.


  • Your Project Manager
  • Senior Consultant Kulaid (One of our founders, half-time)
  • Consultant Kulaid


  • Project Analysis Questionnaire
  • RFI / RFP templates


  • A shortlist with all results and reasons for the recommendations
  • A presentation for internal usage


  • 0.5 days preparation and organisation
  • 3 day on-site performance
  • 6 days customisation of RFI / RFP and follow-up
  • 3 days of summarizing findings and creating recommendations
  • 0.5 days presentation of results and Q&A session

(1.5 Resources = Total of 21 man-days from Kulaid)


$ 20,000.00 plus VAT, plus expenses

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