Business Plan Review


Depending on the complexity of your Business Plan, it can take us anything from one day to several months to provide you with a solid assessment.

1. We provide you with a high level summary of our initial findings

2. We analyse the various areas in more depth to identify further optimisation potential and

3. We benchmark your business plans quality against your competitors, or the market in general.

The initial assessment of your business plan (Stage 1) happens part-automated and allows us a turn around time of less than 5 business days for a cost of only 1,750.00 GBP.

The speed in which the second and the third step can be completed depends highly on the complexity of the plan and how much change will be required.

If you want to start the conversation, please download the NDA and send it to us at to get the conversation started. We will return a copy to you immediately.

financial services business planI just liked your page and want to take you up on your Facebook/LinkedIn offer, please get in touch with me.

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