Operationalization Services

What seems to be a facetious tongue-twister, is actually very close to our heart. Few companies have broken down their vision, into a mission, into objectives, into projects and combined them with processes and the appropriate resources to then look at gaps and devised plans how to fill these gaps.

What seems to be common sense has not happened very often, as it rarely makes it into the KPIs for Senior Management and therefore lacks attention.

We firmly believe that this is bordering on gross negligence and offer you to rectify this situation. (We promise we won’t tell anyone!)

Together with our solution partners, we have the tools and techniques, to take this on as a challenge and within a three-month engagement solve the issue and present a working (online) document that allows you to spread the gospel and to quickly adjust your course, as all relations will be understood.

This requires 2 of our most senior consultants (Partner level) to give you 100% of their attention. In addition we need 2 data analysts and 2 solution architects/documentation experts. Additionally you will need to invest about 40 man days of your own senior leadership team. Therefore the price where we guarantee successful completion is 180,000.00 GBP. Plus VAT, plus reasonable expenses.

strategy operationalisation

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