Safety and Environment Services

Working towards zero harm is one of K&Ps core values that guides every client engagement.

The growing pressure to work sustainably and manage human impact on our resources and environment creates many challenges. As a firm, we uphold the principles of the UN Global Compact. Internally, we walk the talk by encouraging our people to adopt safe and sustainable work practices at all times. Our biggest impact is external, where we help our clients to implement sustainable operating practices that improve their safety, reduce their environmental impact and build new sources of competitive advantage.

We have successfully supported global programs to improve the safety and environmental performance in many operations and industries. Our consultants know that the fundamental disciplines of effective goal-setting, clear accountability and disciplined behaviour, which are good for operations, are also good for safety and environment. Our experience shows stable and controlled operations or construction with low variability are the safest. We believe that a zero-incident rate is achievable in all operations.

We work with clients to ensure that they have the five improvement fundamentals in place to deliver a turnaround in site safety and environmental performance. These fundamentals are:

  • Stretch targets that are widely understood and communicated. Too often safety and environmental goals are well intentioned but vague. We focus on disaggregating these targets into tangible actions that individuals can deliver within the month.
  • Operation-wide involvement: from the General Manager/Project Director to the Operators. Any improvement is only sustainable when it involves everyone, at all levels of the organisation, adopting improvement disciplines as part of the way business is carried out each day.
  • Cascaded reviews that focus on Key Performance Indicators and actions to impact them. These reviews provide a closed loop to ensure managers are walking the floor, carrying out observations, carrying out audits on procedures and getting feedback from people on how to improve the safety of the operation.
  • Root Cause solutions to address the key drivers. The Root Cause approach, which we apply to rigorously analyse the key drivers of throughput, costs or downtime, is also effective when applied to safety and environment where high-frequency incidents and injuries can be targeted and eliminated. Our emphasis on coaching in root-cause problem-solving embeds these skills to ensure ongoing improvements.
  • Closing the loop with regular audits. Regular auditing of the adherence to procedures and both the completion and effectiveness of actions can reduce incidents and save lives.

Watch out! Not only for yourselves, but for everyone else as well.Safety & Environment Services

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