Requirements Analysis Workshop

During this 1 day workshop we will analyse your current situation, listen to your requirements and lay the foundation for a mutually agreed upon set of priorities, which we will map against our overall services and support offerings. We will also give you immediate feedback and suggest corrective actions, where necessary.


  • Your CEO or Managing Director for the initial phase and for the wrap-up (About 30 minutes in total)
  • Your resource responsible for Sales (CSO, VP Sales)
  • For about 30 minutes your CFO, or Sales Controller
  • One Junior Sales Manager and one Senior Sales Manager, each for about 15 minutes.
  • One customer
  • Senior Consultant Kulaid (One of our founders)
  • Consultant Kulaid


  • Moderated Discussion
  • Dialogic Self-Assessment
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey (External and Internal)


  • The completed Dialogic Self-Assessment
  • Benchmarks on averages and industry standards
  • Neutral feedback from the Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Document with all initial findings and recommendations for next steps


  • 0.5 days preparation and organisation
  • 1 day on-site performance
  • 1 day creation and compilation of all documentation
  • 0.5 days presentation of results and Q&A session

(2 Resources = Total of 6 man-days from Kulaid)


$ 6,000.00 plus VAT, plus expenses

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