In a world where everybody claims to be able to do everything, it’s the specialist who makes all the difference.

We are successful because we stand for special capabilities. This comes from our own understanding of ourselves, as the Sales experts among the corporate consultants. We merge cause and effect into a permanent unit – for the success of our clients. We mesh comprehensive technology know-how with our knowledge of business models and processes. This is how we create groundbreaking solutions that actually work. We meet the needs of our clients as very few others can: seamlessly, from strategy to realization, delivering high quality, customized solutions consistently. We serve as consultants, holistically and individually, to the Sales management of firms from virtually all industries. We take a close look at the latest strategies, processes, and technologies from an early stage, and illuminate the market potential which can be exploited by their use. Our representation of the K+P brand in daily practice can be described by our conduct and our value in simple words:

Our attitude: forward thinking

We constantly look ahead. We are open to what is new, inspiring ourselves and others.

Our service: outstanding

… the results speak for themselves:  such as the realization of the first VoIP Outbound Call-Center, the doubling of a sales pipeline in little over 12 months, or the establishment of whole new (profitable) subsidiary in 9 months.

Our style: committed

We are there for our clients all over the world, always attentive and respectful of other nationalities and cultures. We work for our common success and build long lasting relationships of total commitment and mutual trust.
Since the beginning of 2015 we have started to develop a connection between all our Consulting Services and the Triple Bottom Line.
We help do the right things for the right reasons.

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