Everything to increase your profit.

Improvement and scalability are not always about doing more with more, they are also about efficiency and effectiveness.


are important to find the right building blocks for successful support and therefore an analysis of your existing resources needs to precede any supporting measures. Without the context any support activities run the risk of not being sustainable and without long-term benefits.

We understand the need for quick wins and quick results whilst staying in budget and in time and have therefore created Rapid Reviews, which come at a set price and within an agreed upon timeframe until completion. Our Rapid Reviews also include high-level recommendations on what could and should be done, as well as detailed suggestions on how to go about the improvement efforts.

More often than not will we customize our service for you, taking into account your special requirements and constraints. These services will be preceded by an Requirements Analysis Workshop and Sales Domain Maturity Mapping, which will give a first indication of the potential scope.

Sales Support

has been added to our portfolio, as customers were asking for support beyond the identification of problems and suggestions on how to solve them.

Many of our customers longed for our expertise in actually conducting research, as well as setting appointments with people that they would have never thought to be able to engage with. We have a growing database of contacts and skilled resources to make things happen. This is a highly specialised and very exclusive approach that is not to be confused with any kind of regular business development outsourcing. We only take assignments that we feel strongly about and were we can guarantee results.

To be completely transparent we offer one dedicated FTE for Business Development for 5,000.00 GBP per month. This excludes VAT and expenses, but includes everything else.

General Management Consulting Services

Over time we have added additional services to our portfolio.

We offer help either as business angels, for reduced rates, or in case you are a charitable organisation, we are dedicating 1% of our resources to support you throughout the various stages of your business.

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