Success Stories

18 Month Inside Sales Lead Generation Project with a Customized CRM implementation for a market leading European software Provider.

A general high level overview of the project included:

  • Created, developed, and structured the Lead Scoring System
  • Created, developed, and structured the Lead Qualification Process
  • Designed and configured to represent the Lead Scoring and Lead Qualification processes
  • Imported test accounts and added all internal documents to support the lead generation into
  • Created a mini campaign to test-run the process
  • Reviewed initial findings with senior executives and the US Sales Team
  • Designed and implemented a Management Dashboard for reporting
  • Created training materials / standards for using
  • Created and developed Sales Campaigns and implemented the process in
  • Initiated the use of Social Media to grow customer sales and revenues
  • Developed and conducted quality management process- creating the review process, creating the customer (internal / external) satisfaction survey, database management, and defining the escalation process
  • Conducted research- research internal database, research prospects(includes messaging / touch points for 3 target roles CIO, CFO, CAO), research markets, liaise with influence multipliers
  • Designed and created the Sales communication process– informing Sales, informing Executives, receiving / processing feedback, and actualizing sales channels
  • Collaborated with each Sales Executive to develop a lead generation tactical plan for their territories

That was fun!

And we grew that pipeline from roughly 80MUSD to over 160MUSD within 13 months (6 months were preparation)

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