Sales and Marketing Assessment (People, Processes & Technology)

Our Flagship Service

We will look at your People, Processes and Technology or a combination of each to identify opportunities for improvement, ways how to mitigate risks, provide ideas on how to cut costs and how to enhance your general performance and meet your strategic objectives. We use our sales and service delivery expertise to provide both strategic and tactical recommendations.


  • Your resource responsible for Sales (CSO, VP Sales)
  • Your Sales people (One for each area, such as AM, CD, PM, etc.)
  • Your Marketing Manager
  • Senior Consultant Kulaid (One of our founders)
  • Consultant Kulaid


  • Dialogic Self Assessment
  • Rapid Sales Review© analysis tool with evaluation criteria and KPI based benchmarks


  • The completed Dialogic Self-Assessment
  • The results from the Rapid Sales Review ©
  • Document with all initial findings and recommendations for next steps


  • 0.5 days preparation and organisation
  • 4 days on-site performance
  • 5 day creation and compilation of all documentation
  • 0.5 days presentation of results and Q&A session

(2 Resources = Total of 20 man-days)


$ 14,000.00 plus VAT, plus expenses

Sales Assessment Picture

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