Customer Satisfaction Review – Our Guidebook to Value

The less you want to know the more you should!

The easiest and fastest way to get more business, is selling to satisfied customers. But selling to dissatisfied customers is also well within the roam of possibilities, if you really listen and are willing to improve. It’s an investment with outstanding opportunities and from a pure ROI perspective certainly our favourite consulting product.


  • Your resource responsible for Sales (CSO, VP Sales)
  • Your Marketing Manager
  • Your Customers (between 5 and 10 lighthouse projects, 1-2 discontinued customers)
  • Senior Consultant Kulaid (One of our founders)
  • Consultant Kulaid


  • Moderated Discussion
  • Customer Satisfaction Review analysis tool with well designed question sets to provide instant feedback


  • The Kulaid Guidebook to Value for your offering to understand exactly where customers see your offering being valuable. What they really love about you and your products
  • A presentation for internal usage
  • One training for the sales team (Up to 15 participants)

Timeframe (Worktime, not Time to Completion)

  • 0.5 days preparation and organisation
  • 7 days on-site performance
  • 15 days interviews, creation and compilation of all documentation
  • 0.5 days presentation of results and Q&A session
  • 5 days training and creation of internal documents

(2 Resources = Total of 56 man-days from K+P)


$ 65,000.00 plus VAT, plus expenses

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